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Garden Coffee is proud to offer premium, organic, single origin, and high-altitude coffee beans. We will fresh roast your beans to order in Lakewood, Colorado. We want you to enjoy truly fresh roasted coffee. Click on SHOP to view (and order) our varied selection of coffees.

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Our Beans

Our coffee beans come from the small family farms, including Finca Las Liches, Finca Valentina and Finca Buena Vista which have achieved certification stamps of international quality, USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. These farms are located in the high mountain regions of Honduras. We also feature beans from other small hand selected farms in Honduras and other Central American Countries. We support hard working families that take pride in the family business of growing coffee. They understand the value of family support and respect for the earth.

Our Roasting

At Garden Coffee, we roast on a Fluid Bed Roaster.  A fluid bed coffee roaster uses 100% hot air to roast the coffee beans, meaning that the coffee is solely roasted through convection. A heating element heats the air inside the roasting chamber, and a fan moves the air and the beans at a quick enough pace to keep the beans constantly flowing. We find this process produces a cup of coffee that has a cleaner, brighter taste than traditional drum roasting units produce.






Lakewood, CO